Meet the workflow

  • Choose

    Search and Select the best interactive App you have in mind to attract, engage and convert consumers

  • Edit

    Configure your campaign and personalise it with your own images, videos, logo, social media and more

  • Schedule

    Buy or rent your App license, schedule your App from any computer and run it on your selected displays

  • Learn

    See how well your campaign is doing in real-time via our reporting tools. Learn to boost engagement and conversion

Buy or rent an App?

You can either buy or rent an App. The choice is yours and let us help you with picking the right price model for your campaign.


Permanent interactive experiences, Retail

Better for longer periods: months or years

Focus on cost saving

Preference for Capex model

App buying is a big part of the total cost


Campaign based advertising, DOOH, Events

Better for shorter periods: 1 - 4 weeks

Focus on flexibility and innovation

Preference for Opex model

App rental represents smaller part of total cost


What are your advantages using our DOOHapps platform?

  • One AppStore with endless interactive experiences and applications

  • Setup your interactive campaigns in just a few clicks

  • Use digital signage as a full fledged interactive advertising medium

  • Follow your campaign results with real-time reporting

Services offered with our eco-system partners

DOOHapps opens a world of possibilities as we propel your displays into the interactive digital marketing age. Just work with your current digital signage partner, content creator and AV hardware partner to achieve your ambitious goals.

  • Creating Interactive Content

    Create the best interactive, engaging and entertaining content. Based on your existing marketing campaign material, visuals and logo’s, they will create awesome personalised interactive experiences.

    Implementing and managing smart screens

    DOOHapps works with standard display technology enriched with sensors to make them smart and interactive. Our digital signage partners will install, support and maintain these networks.

  • Marketing Conversion Strategy

    Since 2000 digital marketing has grown from 0 to 40 of global marketing budgets because it is contextual, personalised, real-time and measurable. Let our agencies advice how to think cross-channel and customer centric

    Financing and leasing

    Together with Econocom and our global display partners we offer smart screen packages at monthly leasing rates. An ideal solution to turn your Capex in to Opex