How do you make Outdoor Advertising successfully part of your cross-channel strategy?

Answer: Make it smart and interactive. Simple.

When is the last time you saw an online website that isn’t clickable? Or you used a mobile app that doesn’t use its smart phone features? Since 2000 we’ve seen a shift in advertising budgets from broadcasting media towards online and mobile. These now account for more than 35% of the media mix, because of its superior efficiency.


Interactive= contextual, targeted and measurable:

Contextual because we know who is in front of the screen. As in online, DOOHapps uses smart sensors to better understand who is in front of the display and adjust the message accordingly.

Targeted. As a result of the context we are able to send the right message, at the right time to the screen. Additionally DOOHapps is able to gather and report the data.

Measurable by registering every interaction, DOOHapps values your campaign. We measure every step in the marketing conversion funnel: awareness, engagement, conversion, loyalty and advocacy in the social media.

So, when is the last time you saw an interactive large display? Almost none! Well, from now on your display can and should also trigger interaction.

In short: online advertising on mobile advertising on smart phones is a tremendous success because it’s contextual, targeted and measurable. With DOOHapps you turn your large displays into smart screens thanks to smart sensors and apps *

* Next question: How does DOOHapps work?