Golden Village installs first interactive cinema lobby video wall in South-East Asia

Golden Village is showing a large video wall with interactive applications at its headquarters in Singapore. Visitors can interact with a number of applications on a giant Barco 4 x 3 LCD video wall. The apps are supplied and personalized by DOOHapps – the first App Store for large public screens. Passersby can play with the wall in numerous ways going from intuitive gesture based entertainment to engaging social media campaigns.

Singapore, the commercial hub in South-East Asia, is a metropolis that is constantly reinventing and innovating. It is one of the most modern cities with a dense population, widely used public transport, numerous shopping centers and entertainment hubs. Its streets are illuminated with giant LED’s that represent an immense outdoor advertising media value. Google recently reported that Singapore has the world’s largest smartphone penetration at 85%! Suntec City represents the city’s technological excellence with the world’s largest LCD video wall, a hotspot shopping center and Golden Village’s flagship cinema with 11 screens.

At the entrance of the leading-edge cinema, visitors can now interact with a big 4 x 3 LCD video wall that shows interactive applications from DOOHapps. The interactivity draws the attention towards the screen, engages the viewers and connects them with their friends in the social media.

The idea is both simple and effective: the premium LCD video wall is enriched with sensors such as a gesture camera, webcam and Wi-Fi connection. DOOHapps offers a growing number of interactive applications for large screens from expert application developers. Golden Village selects an app, personalizes its media and launches the app on the screen as part of an interactive campaign. The interactive experience may promote food and beverages, movie trailers or brands. The interactivity and its effectiveness are measured with audience measurement that anonymously tracks the activity. Apps may generate additional metric such as the views and reach into the social media.


Golden Village shows a popular popcorn game, dynamic e-poster and movie trailer and mind popping interactive advertising. GV’s CEO Clara Cheo sees an unstoppable trend and important opportunity: “In the future our cinemas will become entertainment centers and our investments in lobby display technology allows us to build towards that goal. The interactive apps are effective in drawing attention towards our brand message”.

Lee Kin Guan, Head of Digital Systems & Innovation at Golden Village, says: “Combining the  LCD video wall with smart sensors turns this display into a smart screen with applications that are interactive, engaging and measurable. DOOHapps unique App store is bringing us a world of variety of different interactive experiences we could not access before without huge investments.”

Eddie Tan, Barco PTE’s General Manager is convinced this is only the beginning of an important shift in display technology toward more interaction: “I’ve seen the effect of DOOHapps’ App Store with my own eyes and it’s just amazing how much engagement it triggers. People are drawn towards the screen, we really impress viewers and that increases value. What’s more, we can see and analyze the reporting in real-time. It allows us to maximize the return of display technology at advertising hotspots.

About Golden Village

Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor with 11 multiplexes housing 92 screens. Golden Village was established to develop and operate modern, luxurious multiplex cinemas and is the first local cinema to personalize the movie-going experience through its Movie Club program. The prime mover in the introduction of the multiplex to Asia, Golden Village’s first imprint in Singapore was made on 28 May 1992 with the successful opening of the Yishun 10 cinema. Today, Golden Village has a reputation of offering the widest choice of movies, unparalleled comfort, state-of-the-art cinema design, prime locations and technological capabilities such as Quick tixTM, iGV app and the auto-gate system to enhance the movie-going experience for customers.

About DOOHapps

DOOHapps is the first interactive application store for the Digital-Out-of-Home industry. Far too many public displays only broadcast information and advertising. At DOOHapps, we make sure viewers can interact with their smartphones or gestures in a straightforward and intuitive way. We select the best apps from highly successful campaigns that attract and convert consumers for outdoor advertising, shopping, entertainment and information purposes. Via a web-interface our customers easily personalize their media, run the campaign and follow up the reporting.