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What is DOOHapps?

DOOHapps is the first interactive application store for the Digital Out-of-Home industry. We make sure viewers can interact with their smartphones or gestures in a straightforward and intuitive way with your displays. We select the best apps from highly successful campaigns that attract and convert consumers for outdoor advertising, shopping, entertainment and information purposes. Via a web-interface our customers easily personalize their media, run the campaign and follow up the reporting. For more information go to https://www.doohapps.com/about-us/


How does DOOHapps work

To use our AppStore, you need a large LCD display or video-wall, a DOOHapps approved MediaPlayer, a Microsoft Kinect 2 camera and Wi-Fi access point. Add to that an account on the DOOHapps AppStore and you are set to go: select the App you for your interactive campaign, configure your campaign and schedule it to run on your selected displays. For more information go to ,link to How to info

What display technology can I use?

You can use any display technology. A part of our Apps create awesome interactive experiences for visitors that stand in front of a display. For those we recommend LCD displays and video walls setup at user height. But our Apps can also run on projections and LED screens.


Which MediaPlayer do I use?

Most of the DOOHapps applications produce high-end graphical content in real-time. Therefor we only run our Apps on a DOOHapps approved MediaPlayer. You can order all you need in one package called Smart Screen Package at our distribution partners and global display manufacturers. For more info contect.


What is a Smart Screen Package?

To use our AppStore, you need a Smart Screen Package, which is a combination of a large LCD display, a DOOHapps approved MediaPlayer, a Microsoft Kinect 2 camera, a Wi-Fi access point and your access to our DOOHapps AppStore. More information on how to use DOOHapps here Smart Screen Package.

What are the dimensions of the hardware?

A Smart Screen Package has the following hardware and dimensions:

LCD Display 55″, 2K, 75″ 2K, 82″ 2K, 85″ 4K

Media Player: 45cm x 45cm x 12cm

Kinect: 24.9cm x 6.6cm x 6.7cm


How do I buy or rent a licence for an App?

Once your DOOHapps account registration is approved and you have connected your Smart Screens, you are ready to book and run your campaigns, after we accredited ou the correct vouchers or licenses.

I get an error message when I try to schedule an app to my screen

If you get the error message “No payment methods available”, it means that you don’t have the right voucher or license. This can be an administrative mistake on our side or could be that you simply didn’t order the app (yet).

Best is to get in touch with us so we can help you further and provide the correct licenses for your account.


The prices are indicated to registered users only. The published prices are rental prices of an App, per month, per display. You can also buy a permanent license for the tenfold of the monthly rental price. A permanent license is combined with a yearly subscription fee of 25% of the license price. These prices exclude the hardware. The hardware cost depends on the display type. We have very interesting Smart Screen Packages that include everything. For more information

How can I become an App Provider?

We’re constantly looking for new talent. An ideal interactive App is intuitive to interact with and easy to configure. To become an App Provider we meet-up to explain our business model, have a look at your demo, prepare a configurator together and finish the procedure with tests. For more information

What is a "Serviced App" ?

Serviced apps are applications that are offered as a total service.

In other words the DOOHapps team and our partners will do everything for you as a managed service. This includes price quote, preparations and running the application(s) on your displays and, if you wish, the reporting and analysis of the campaign results.

We can offer you these apps on a tailor-made basis, where we deliver you the complete experience. Let us know the details of the project you had in mind so we can get you a complete offering.

Most of the apps in our store work with a self-service option.This means you can directly take them from the store, easily configure them yourself and send them to a screen. You can learn more about this workflow at the product page.

To prevent confusion with our other apps in the store, these are clearly marked as “Serviced Apps”.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, because all of these apps have been tested on their high quality and are proven to give great experiences ! You can use the related <get app> button on store.doohapps.com or you contact us using the contact form. We typically reply by email within 48 hours.

Do you have another question?

Send your question via our contact form and we’ll make sure to answer it. Contact