Get your AppStore Certificate and start using our interactive DOOH applications.


This is our AppStore Approval Process that explains how you can become a native App Supplier in the DOOHapps store.
These are the 5 steps we will go through together:

  1. Team-up and establish our business relation
  2. We take a look at your demo and review your demo    
  3. We explain our configurator and prepare yours in-depth
  4. You develop your configurator file by mapping your parameters to the DOOHapps configuration API
  5. We finish the procedure: tests, licensing, security & AppStore launch


1. Team-up and establish our business relation

The first thing for you is to get to know DOOHapps and our way of working.
We’ll explain you the challenges in our industry that we can tackle together to simplify interactivity for our collective customers.

The steps in this process are:

  • We’ll demo DOOHapps and explain you how it works
  • Presentation of our business model and our joint go-to-market strategy
  • If you agree with our model and price strategy, we’ll sign our first documents:
    • Sign an NDA 
    • Price model


Our DOOHapps business model explained



Win-win for every partner involved!

  • Media networks: interactive applications are getting ‘commoditized’, meaning easier deployable and less expensive for advertising campaigns. Reporting provides ROI information to the brands of their campaigns, including DOOH in the digital mix and more investment capacity for the media networks.
  • Application providers: Scalability in sales. Per today, most application providers sell projects for specific campaigns. DOOHapps offers access to a wider network of digital assets, generating more recurrent revenues, capitalizing on multiple sales of the app to reduce the cost per transaction.
  • Brands: better insights in using the digital advertising medium as pillar in their marketing strategy. DOOH applications offer much more engagement to their target audience than any other marketing communication medium.


How does the AppStore work?

  • The AppStore is the online market place for ’Promotional infotainment’ content. That content consists of templates each embedding attracting and visual appealing effects, a certain level of viewer engagement through touch, gesture or smartphone and reporting on viewer interaction behavior.
  • The AppStore store offers templates with a high level of ‘Gamification’ that differentiates this marketplace from the more business oriented browser based interactions. Gamification is a key element to increase the dwell time for the message brought by the application.
  • The AppStore is public accessible for everyone on the Internet, only pricing is visible after subscription to the DOOHapps portal. The subscribed users are property from DOOHapps and application providers will accept contractual exclusivity for these subscribers.
  • The Application store is bringing templates divided in different categories, based on market segment (cinema, retail, advertising…), native windows (.exe) or webbased and CMS compatibility
  • Each template will get tagged with mininum system requirements on player technology, screen technology, sensors, rating by previous users, the application provider, a public (catalogue) price, a demo video and examples of reporting

New application providers will be selected based on their particular skill sets and/or experience. DOOHapps requires from the candidates integration of the DOOHapps software plugin or API into their templates and the DOOHapps pricing model

DOOHapps offers in return for their efforts the access to a worldwide network of users and resellers and the benchmark of their business with other players in the same field.


About our platform

  • DOOHapps provides software enabling the integration of the templates after download on an existing display network. The software comprises a campaign scheduling engine, a reporting engine and template configurator.
  • The DOOHapps software becomes available in 3 formats:
    • a cloud solution managed directly by DoohApps and linked with the application store
    • an on-premise solution with a gateway to the online application store required for template downloads and reporting. The on-premise solution is called the ’DoohApps market place gateway’ and will get the necessary tools for remote software maintenance.
    • an integrated solution with particular CMS platforms like MYM, X20 media, Broadsign. This is an extension of the DoohApps market place gateway with API/SDK protocols for exchange of media, schedules and reporting. The aim is that the DoohApps software functionality can be controlled from
      the existing CMS platform in place.
  • DoohApps will also provide a software plugin or API to the application providers for embedding in their templates. This is required to make the templates compatible with the Doohapps portal.

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Sales model

  • Templates in the DOOHapps application store are made public available on Internet. Public (catalogue) pricing is visible after subscription for the users.
  • Price model: Templates are made available on a BUY or RENT basis. Fees are paid prior to download.
  • Channel model: End users can purchase the templates either directly through the DOOHapps portal or through a reseller who packages the Apps with a turn-key solution including hardware. Resellers receive a partner discount of -20% or -30% depending on the annual sales volume. Resellers are obliged to log their end user during the ordering process of the template.
  • Ownership of the client: Each time a template is downloaded from the DOOHapps portal, the application provider who created the template will receive a notification with the end user details. That notification is then the binding agreement between DOOHapps and the application provider that DOOHapps has exclusivity on the future business with that end user. Upon registering the application provider to the DOOHapps portal, a contract with the above binding terms needs to be signed.
  • Revenue sharing with the application providers: All revenues generated by DOOHapps are shared on a 50/50 basis with the application providers.
  • On the ’BUY’ basis, the user purchases the template on a permanent basis valid for installation on one client (= media player). A yearly upgrade fee of 20% is optionally available in case the user wishes to have the new feature releases in the future available for the purchased template.
  • On a ’RENT’ basis, the user pays for the usage of the template for a particular period (expressed in months). The monthly fee of the template is based on the BUY purchase price divided by 10. The Rent option gives the user the flexibility for faster refresh of the template within a certain budget he wants to spend.
  • In case the client wants to run the template on a large volume of clients an additional discount or project price may be applicable and will be negotiated in good faith and with consent of the App Provider.

Make sure to list al your questions. When our Go-to-market model is clear and sounds like a win-win, you are ready to sign our documents. Please review:

  • Sign an NDA
  • Price model


2. We take a look at your demo and review your demo  

3. We explain our configurator and prepare yours in-depth

4. You develop your configurator file by mapping your parameters to the DOOHapps configuration API

5. We finish the procedure: tests, licensing, security & AppStore launch