Video wall entertainment strengthens Ozas shopping center’s customer loyalty

The Ozas shopping center in Vilnius has a new point of attraction for the Christmas Holidays. Kids and their parents line up to play with the first and largest interactive video entertainment wall of the Baltic states. The mall’s shop owners use it to natively advertise their promotions on this eye-catching Digital-out-of-Home billboard and, moreover, the results are measured and optimized by the shopping center’s marketing department to improve advertising ROI for the tenants.

You can’t miss it: in the center of the Ozas shopping center, right under the giant Christmas tree, visitors are laughing, playing and interacting with a large 3 x 3 entertainment video wall. Others take pictures and share it on social media. The video wall is installed by Hansab’s digital signage experts and enriched by DOOHapps’ AppStore with interactive games. The shoppers play and at the same time the tenants’ messages and promotions are advertised. The mall’s marketing team can easily personalize these games with the shops their logos, images, videos and promotions. It enables them to reproduce their current online campaigns in the physical store, while measuring and analyzing all interactions.

This is digital signage applied as a full interactive marketing medium for both visitors and the Ozas Marketing Team. Already today they run smart online marketing campaigns aimed at increasing the customer experience and loyalty. Going to Ozas is a day out that combines shopping, entertainment, fun and social interaction. Geda Korsakienė, Ozas’ Shopping Center Marketing Manager, is convinced that she now has a new tool in her hands to increase loyalty. “We make sure that our visitors enjoy a day out at the Ozas shopping center. We like to spoil our visitors with fun and rewards. This interactive game video wall is just the perfect way to do that.” On top of that, the results of all this attention and interactivity are measured and reported in real-time.


Hansab, a leading Baltic company in innovative technology solutions for retail, sees it as a next step in the transition to in-store communication. Having installed numerous video walls in shopping centers, Hansab’s digital signage expert Dovydas Stukas is convinced that they will all transform into interactive experiences: “The effect is striking: compared to regular video walls, the number of people around this large game screen is incomparable. At the same time our customers can easily upload and personalize the content, just like a regular digital signage content management system does. The templates in the DOOHapps AppStore help our retail customers to go interactive without a high cost or specialized knowledge” says Mr. Dovydas Stukas.

DOOHapps has the world’s first AppStore for interactive games and experiences aimed at digital signage displays. “We can all send content to a screen, but in this technologically exciting period of smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT), we need to do more” says Frederik De Wachter, Product Marketer and Co-Founder of DOOHapps. “Hansab now has the power to turn physical stores into measurable digital stores where we capture and convert entertained consumers.

Merry christmas