The Foyer Cinema

We’ve put a 2 x 2 Barco video wall in the foyer and varied broadcasted video trailers with interactive promotion of the same movie during three weeks. We used a very intuitive gesture based app that makes the content move as one passes by. We deployed a webcam based audience measurement app to report the number of viewers, their gender and viewing time.


Let’s go straight to the conclusions:

  • More than 10x more viewers looked at the interactive content versus the broadcasted videos!
  • The dwell time (the time that passer by look at the screen) increased with a factor 3 and more


Our mission is to increase the revenue for the cinema by enhancing the lobby experience, impact concession sales and register viewers.


In the next phase of our living lab, we want to increase the measurability of the interactivity towards social networks, sales and advertising attribution. We’ll extend the interactivity to the mobile and measure the contribution of the increased interactivity and actions to the business cases:

  • Sell movie tickets directly from the PlayWall when showing a trailer
  • Propose a surprise package with pop corn and drinks to boost concession
  • Investigate how we can retarget visitors after they have used their smartphone to interact


If you want to participate in our research, feel free to apply here.