The Captain Of Industry Sailing Cup

Can your visitors have fun and become the best promoters of your campaign? Yes and here’s how:

The best way to prove your case is to measure it. Here at DOOHapps we feel every Digital-Out-Of-Home campaign should be interactive and measurable. With Pictawall – a very popular app at big events – we learned consumers can have fun, interact intensively with their smartphones and multiply the visibility of your campaign in the social networks. All at the same time and easily. Learn here how.

What are the main conclusions of our use case?

  • Pictures are a great way to involve your audience… Selfie time 🙂
  • 80 pictures make 7.600 social reach and 21.892 views. Yep!
  • It’s click and go to setup your personalised media and event
  • How can we further improve the ROI?

What we did at the high-profile event

In June, we’ve tried out a cool application at the The Captain Of Industry Sailing Cup (if you want to network with Belgian entrepreneurs, that’s the place to be!). There were plenty of displays and projectors to show the DOOHapps application. On arrival at the event, visitors were invited on the displays to send their pictures via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Captain14. After optional moderation the pictures were shown almost real-time in a photo stream throughout the event on all displays. At the same time those pictures figured all the friends and followers of the participants.

We can easily trigger smartphone interaction, engage participants and bridge a Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) campaign into social and online media. The ROI of the campaign is perfectly measurable.

 A possibility that triggers us, is to focus on the retargeting of people who interacted in several phases or levels:

  • The simplest level would be to trigger smartphone interaction and retarget those participants online via browser cookies. Now that would be smart!
  • A deeper engagement would be to Like a Facebook page or app
  • The toughest but highest registration is an email address
  • We would love to see more of these conversion statistics

If you want to participate in our research, feel free to apply here.