How does it work?


Select your favorite interactive digital signage app


Personalize the app with your branding, media files and social pages


Send it to video walls or multiple screens and manage your network


Collect your data from the apps and analyze the customer behaviour

Our clients


Set Up your interactive campaigns in just a few clicks

Transform a physical environment into a digital space

Create an experience with customizable interactive digital signage applications

Measure customer behaviour and check your results with real-time reporting

What we DOOH?

DOOHapps offers innovative digital signage applications that convert your physical environment into a digital space and measures customer behaviour

Together with our partners, we help you set up interactive displays, manage and create campaigns and boost your business result

We distinguish ourselves by creating customizable applications which are applicable in numerous situations such as outdoor advertising, retail, entertainment and information purposes

"DOOHapps is an innovative digital signage company that transforms your physical store into a digitally measurable retail space by influencing, measuring and optimizing customer behaviour in real-time through screen communication."



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